Diane GasalExecutive And Personal Coaching

Success Stories

A great win was obtaining clarity on what I want and articulating the vision of my future. The exercises in the first session were incredibly valuable. Another one was getting into a productive and consistent rhythm where every week I do things and achieve progress that is directly related to my goals.

I am very grateful for the journey I have started, the progress I have made and the support and guidance you have provided. I feel that I am on a "path". I am hopeful and enthusiastic of a brighter future.

Jose Pinero
Director, Microsoft

I dramatically freed myself of the daily operations from my business.

Mark Rockwell
President, Rockton Software

I have taken more ownership over my future, my time, what it is I want and how I want to get there.

The challenges to my personal thinking provided me the most motivation to change and the most insight on how to change.

Jamie Stephens
Owner, Blueroot Studios

I feel more confident and have been able to step out of my comfort zone to promote myself and business consulting more.

LaVonne G.
Owner/President, Microsoft Dynamics Partner

The following comments are all from one company which offers coaching as an employee benefit.

We now offer Dianeís services as a benefit to our team. One person was amazed at how someone she had never met before could get to the meat of the matter in 30 minutes. I, however, was not surprised!

Mark Rockwell
President, Rockton Software

One of my main Outlook Inboxes is under control and Iíve managed to keep it that way.

Jenn Schoemer
Technical Support, Rockton Software

I cut down on excessive multi-tasking. I donít feel as overwhelmed if I canít get everything done at once. This has allowed me to take a step back from everything I do and reevaluate. I think this has made me calmer about things (especially work). Plus it reminded me there were a lot of things I could accomplish, even little things like cleaning up my desk did not need to be overwhelming.

Therese Rudzis
Customer Relationship Manager, Rockton Software

I am letting go of the need to know why I was where I was so I could move forward.

Adrienne Lilly
Sales Administrative Assistant, Rockton Software

ďWhat you think you become.Ē