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Is This You?

Who uses coaching? Here are examples where others have looked to coaching for support.

Business Owners and Executives

All Professionals

How can coaching benefit you? Here are ways it has helped others.

10 Common Results

Business Owners and Executives

  • I thought running my own business would give me the freedom I crave. That didnt happen, now I feel even more tied down! I want to run my business AND be free to have a life.
  • Ive wanted to make changes in this business for quite some time, however, I dont seem to get moving. I want to start taking meaningful actions.
  • I keep swinging between two states of stress too much business and not enough. I want to be balanced and steady regardless of how much business is flowing.
  • Sometimes I feel alone in this business. I want a virtual business partner I can lean into and trust; someone who will help me see the truth and be motivated to take positive action.
  • Somehow this business turned into a burden. I feel responsible for my employees, my customers and my family. I want to replace that mental burden with creative and productive energy.
  • I used to be so excited about my business, and I was on a mission! I want to re-spark my sense of mission and confidence. I want a clear path that inspires me.

All Professionals

  • I want to make a difference in the world and what Im doing now doesnt seem to be it. How can I find it?
  • It seems like Im working ALL the time and Im tired. I want to work smart and accomplish something each day AND have plenty of time for the rest of my life.
  • The truth is there are some people around here who drive me crazy. I want to be confident and at peace with all my coworkers and clients.
  • When I first started here I was very excited. Now Im just going through the motions. How can I make it exhilarating again?

10 Potential Results

  1. Challenge your current thinking
  2. Uncover answers you didnt see before
  3. Get clear on where you want to go
  4. Show up as your true self
  5. Say what you need to say
  6. Achieve more with less stress
  7. Get unstuck
  8. Relate to others in a different way (even the people who drive you nuts)
  9. Capitalize on what makes you unique
  10. Regain your passion

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
-Anas Nin